Pre-requisites: 20 weeks, which includes the Beginners Course, or equivalent, such as a practical assessment.

This certificate course, consisting of one-year part-time study in Gold and Silversmithing, is a special program designed as a compact introduction into the jewellery trade. We aim to bring students to the level of a second year apprentice after completion of this course.

The course aims to produce multi-skilled graduates who have demonstrable competency in all aspects of jewellery construction and design and who adhere to sound workshop practices. We also aim to have graduate students from this course absorbed into the jewellery industry or independantly working in their own studio/workshop.

Course Structure:

The Vocational Course is a 38-week competency based program, devised to establish basic techniques and tool handling skills, using a building block system of skills acquisition.  Assessment criteria, including a time based competency component are set for all practical work.

The skills taught are the combination of traditional techniques taught in workshops worldwide and are also accumulated personal techniques of the school’s principals & teachers.

Course Curriculum:

The student undertakes 2 lessons per week @ 3 hours for practical work and is also required to attend the selected Master Classes which take place on some weekends.

These include:

Please ask for the Masterclass planner for the dates, times and costs of the weekend workshops.

The Goldsmiths School holds course curriculum copyright since Feb 2001.

For bookings, download the enrollment form and mail it to the Goldsmiths School with the deposit required, or call (07) 3366 4632 for more details.

Enrollment form (pdf format)