Prerequisites: The Beginners Course or equivalent.

At The Goldsmiths School we are aware that each person has an individual reason to learn Silversmithing and Goldsmithing, be it a small studio designer, a model builder, a hobbyist, an artist, or someone who wishes to express themselves in a creative way.

The Construction Course is an open ended, self paced, project based system of learning that covers the technical and design skills of Gold & Silversmithing.

The course guides the student from the Beginners Course into a step-by-step system of skills acquisition. Techniques taught in the course become more advanced and involved, as the student progresses.

Techniques covered include:

Jewellery design, soldering, chain making, forging, doming, repousse, gemsetting, and all other aspects of practical jewellery making.

Course structure:

This course is structured in continuous five lesson x 3 hour modules, which the student may commence at any time.  Each student is treated individually within a class size of approximately 12 people, and two teachers, in an air-conditioned well equipped studio/workshop. The school runs according to the academic year.

For bookings, download the enrollment form and mail it to the Goldsmiths School with the deposit required, or call (07) 3366 4632 for more details.

Enrollment form (pdf format)