The Beginers Course consists of 3 sections.

This part-time course teaches the student the basic techniques in jewellery making. No previous experience is required.

Techniques covered include:

Basic ring making, chain making, design with construction techniques such as metal preparation, bending, wire making & drawing, link making and forming, stippling, soldering, finishing, polishing and the beginnings of gemsetting.

After completing the beginners course, students can then decide which way they would like to move forward – either by enrolling in a more structured and faster track of the Vocational Course to receive a certificate in jewellery making, or, by choosing a building block of learning that is self paced, part-time and more relaxed such as the Construction Course.

For bookings, download the enrollment form and mail it to the Goldsmiths School with the deposit required, or call (07) 3366 4632 for more details.

Enrollment form (pdf format)